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Alterations Isn't Science. It's An Art Form



Side Take-In

Have a little gap around your bust that causes you to keep pulling up your dress? Have a beautiful gown that is not hugging your body the way you need it to?

This means that you need a side take-in! Taking in a dress is very simple and will prevent discomfort or dissatisfaction in the fit of your beautiful gown.

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Bust Modification

Does your gown fit perfectly in the back but gaps strangely in the front? Are you trying to avoid 'armpit boob' or 'back butt', however, need your dress to flush flat to your chest?

Then you need a bust modification! A bust modification is more intricate than a side take-in and, therefore, allows the dress to hug the contours of your body.

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Strap Adjustment

Have straps on your beautiful dress that are too loose? A simple strap adjustment will provide the security that you need in your gown and prevent unfavorable mishaps.

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Bra Adjustment

Want a little more cleaveage? Perhaps you simply need to be properly held and supported by your dress?

By adding bra cups, boning, or sewing a corset you will be able to reveal a whole new you!

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Is your dress so long that you have a foot of fabric on the floor? Maybe you simply are unable to walk properly because your dress is too long?

Save yourself by hemming your gown! While there are many types of hem lines, you will be able to rest assured that you will not be limited by your dress or your height. 

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Don't want to cut off your beautiful train? Perhaps you cannot dance with a voluminous skirt and need the freedom to move?

A bustle is a simple, secure, and reassuring method to allow women to dance, sit, and enjoy your special night!

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Custom Changes

Need an additional change that is not common?

Don't worry, we can help you make your special gown into the perfect gown!

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